There is bad news for all you Intex smartphone owners and fans out there.


The Delhi High Court just issued an order that banned Intex from selling their Aqua-branded smartphones, in response to a trademark infringement case filed.

This means a huge blow to the majority of sales for the company as Aqua is its flagship brand. Otherwise, it also sells phones under ‘Cloud’ brand.

Android Advices

Android Advices

While this is a big fallback for Intex, the company has decided to file an appeal and plea in High Court regarding the upholding of this ban.

This ban also adds salt to the current wound that has put Intex out of the top 5 Indian smartphone brands. Brands like Xiaomi and Gionee are taking their piece of the cake.

Indian Express

Indian Express

Delhi High Court has barred leading mobile phone maker ‘Intex’ from selling its Aqua brand handsets and its accessories in the local market, taking note of a trademark infringement plea of market rival ‘Aqua Mobiles’.

It alleged that ‘Intex’ had opted for an identical trademark in 2012 to “have a free ride on its (Aqua Mobiles) goodwill”. Intex, however, argued that ‘Aqua’ as trademark was incapable of being distinguished for goods of Aqua Mobiles only and therefore, Aqua Mobiles cannot claim rights over the trademark and legal protection.

Intex also contended that it had spent a huge sum of Rs 27 crore on commercials to promote the brand in question and had also hired a Bollywood actor for this purpose. The court, however, did not agree with the contention of ‘Intex’ and granted interim relief to Aqua Mobiles.

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